Scott Morris


So what’s this web site all about?

It’s about you achieving your potential in business and in life.

Why do most people fail?

Why do most people never reach their potential?

Why do so many people end their lives having never really lived?

You are not “MOST” people and you don’t have to settle for anything less than everything, all you need is a little guidance.

We grow up being told to play it safe by people we trust, and what did it ever get us? Safe, that’s about it, and safe is just another word for AFRAID.

Hell, I never wanted to be safe, I’ve always wanted to be fulfilled and successful, respected and sought after, and now I am.

We all need mentors, coaches, people who can show us a different perspective and help us break out of the dreary self imposed mediocrity, or as Pink Floyd called it “Quiet Desperation”. I want to be your coach.

A personal message to you from Scott


TalkToScott [@]


Do you realize you can have everything you have ever wanted?

I will show you how to start, promote, drive traffic to, and make money in your online or offline business
I will show you how to be more successful in your personal and business relationships
I will show you how to be a better husband, wife and lover
I will help you find your purpose and love your life

Don’t put this off any longer

Here is what I want you to do next:

If you are ready and committed to make the changes that will make your future what you want it to be, then lets have a chat. It won’t cost you anything.

Write me an email with 2 to 3 short paragraphs. Lets begin with what you want in business and secondly what you want in life. If you have a web site, give me that along with your Skype contact and lets get started.

Who is Eben Pagan?

Eben Pagan is a legend in the Internet Marketing space and has sold over $100 Million worth of products online. Eben has developed and marketed a wide variety of information products. During my years with Eben I was privileged to work with hundreds of individuals and helped them achieve their marketing goals. In one of Eben’s epic programs called Altitude, he shows us how to “zoom-out” or get “Altitude” over our business and see it from a different perspective so that we can identify the inefficiencies and unnecessary elements that exist in our business or marketing plan.

I will help you zoom out and find these inefficiencies in your business so that you will create a lean, mean, money making machine.

I will show you exactly what you need and what you don’t need in the shortest time possible.

If you follow my instructions you will win.

Fast Resume

I was born in Virginia and grew up all over Europe and the US. After 1 year of college I joined the USMC.

After the USMC I went to work in the motion picture industry in Hollywood as a truck driver and then a location manager. I have worked one on one with many Hollywood celebrities, International Motivation and Self Improvement Guru’s. I am sought after as a copy writer and will add that missing element to your Auto Responder sequence or Bio. I chose who I work with.

I started about 10 businesses in Los Angeles before moving to Houston where I became the right hand man to the owner of a large direct mail and seminar company.

Around 1998 I started buying houses and didn’t stop till I had rehabbed just over 1000 before I burned out.

Then I started a seminar company called The Real Estate Network that provided a 3 day boot camp that trained people how to buy, rehab and sell single family houses. During that time I opened 3 mortgage offices and Title offices in 3 States.

In 2006 the real estate market began to turn at the same time I got some bad press on The combination of the two led to bankruptcy in 2008 after which I started my first online business followed by a multitude of other sites:


I worked on Eben Pagan’s consulting team for just under 4 years during which time I coached several of the great Tony Robins coaches as well as hundreds of individuals who went to Eben for guidance.

My long time assistant and graphic designer Jaz helped me every step of the way to achieve the success I have now. She and I have a talented team of winners that help our clients succeed online.

We can show you how to do it with one of our courses, we can tell you want to do and you and your team do it, or we can do everything for you and hand you the keys when we are done.

Today I make my living from my web sites and from guiding others in how to make money online. I hope I will be able to help you. The best way to find out is to email me and request a chat. I hope to hear from you soon TalkToScott [@]

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