What if you could BE more, DO more, & HAVE more?

What would it take to break old patterns and 
take your business, your money,
& life to a whole new level?

I'm all about helping you get crystal clear about what you want for your life and getting into complete alignment with it.

I teach and guide you how to train your mind and body to actualize your dreams with the exact same focused intention as an Olympic athlete.

This is not philosophy. This is about daily practices.  

“ I teach practical, hands on strategies for getting into ALIGNMENT with your greatest dreams by way of focused daily success practices."

These practices – some ancient, some modern – represent an evidence-based approach to creating tremendous success.

I help you cultivate deliberate and intentional management of your own state of being so as to get into alignment with the fulfillment of your grandest desires.

Not later.  Not next year. 


What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Most of us are conditioned to embrace limiting beliefs that deny our true capacity. Rewiring that conditioning requires deliberate intention and an unwavering commitment to practicing new language, new thinking and new behaviors.  

All world-class performers have coaches who inspire, motivate, challenge, and guide them to higher levels of performance.  

 Without fail, a universal trademark of all winners is that they invariably surround themselves with a team dedicated to their success.

"How Can I Help You?"

"For 30 years I’ve been helping folks move through the shadows that undermine their progress to actualizing their dreams.  I guide you through a synthesis of ancient and modern techniques designed to get you into alignment with your life’s highest dream."

- Greg Liotta MSW

Guiding you to your greatest fulfillment is my life’s purpose.

I help people get into alignment with their dreams through guided habits, practices & disciplines.

This Is For You...

  • If you have a burning desire to change your game.
  • You have the courage to do whatever it takes to expand your life, finances and your career.
  • You've exhausted your willingness to tolerate things as they've always been and are sincerely ready to shift to a higher level of performance.   

The Process:

  • This is not a long-term process.
  • This is not counseling.
  • This is not life coaching.


If you want to learn a personal SUCCESS practice custom-designed for you, we work every day, 5 days a week for a limited time. If you are utterly committed to your own transformation, I guarantee amazing results.

I work with a limited number of people at a time so that I can devote comprehensive attention to each person and their goals.

Are you ready?

My Promise To You...

  • check
    I help you get extreme clarity about your life’s vision.
  • check
    I teach practical steps to help you get into full alignment with your vision.
  • check
    I help design your own personal practice for cultivating the success you crave.
  • check
    I help you develop discipline and habits geared to manifesting your cherished outcomes.
  • check
    I support you in experiencing deep fulfillment in your personal and business relationships.
  • check
    I guide you in experiencing more joy and connection as a husband, wife and lover.
  • check
    I show you how to gain access to the “Realm of Miracles”.
  • check
    I take you there every step of the way.
  • check
    I do every single thing I ask you to do.
  • check
    I do my personal development work with the same intensity I ask of you.

"By the time we are done, you'll be on fire. I guarantee it!"

Here is what I want you to do next.

If you are ready and committed to make your future what you want it to be, write me an email. Begin with what you really want in life. Include everything that’s important to you: relationships, romance, career, finances, health, family, and anything else. Don’t fret over making it perfect.  Just jot down your thoughts, using these statements as a guide:

The thing that gives me complete joy is…


The main thing getting in my way of breaking through to the next level in my life is…


If you have a web site, send that along with your contact info, and let’s get started. Send your

email to:

See What Some Are Saying:


Greg is one of the most brilliant souls on this planet that I've ever had the opportunity to cross paths with. I know scores of people whose lives have been touched by Greg's work. Working with him is an opportunity no one should ever miss.

Richie R. , Member

Mastery Intensive

Greg was really interested in me getting results quickly.

I came away from every meeting with Greg with the answers I was looking for that day.

Every meeting resulted in a door opening, an emotion understood better, a solution found to a personal or business situation.

If I could point to one single thing that separates Greg from the rest is that he pours it on like you are the only person in the world at that particular moment. The daily work involved in the intensive makes success practically unavoidable, however you define success.

I encourage you to set yourself up for success like you've never known by getting started with Greg as soon as possible.

Scott Morris , Member

Combine PrepSchool

Just finished my session with Greg. Best Christmas present I could get! Thanks!

Stephen , Member

Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity

He has opened my mind up to new thoughts and ideas.

Jen R. , Member


I have sought guidance from Greg Liotta several times when struggling with life difficulties. As a result of his counseling, and by following his coaching suggestions I have been able to resolve problems that had plagued me for years. He has helped me achieve tremendous personal growth and gain the ability to love myself.

Annette R. , Member


Greg has a gift when it comes to engaging even the most resistant person in a group process. He came into the treatment environment as an outsider to the clients, and easily established rapport and trust to where he had them participating in deep experiential processes. He is creative, intuitive and truly is one of the most amazing group facilitators that I know.

Brenda Lee Gauthier, LCSW , Member

If you want a different outcome in your life,
you’ve got to do something different.

Do something different right now:  ACT!

Don’t over-think this.

Don’t procrastinate.

Every moment you hesitate is a refusal of all the abundance that’s waiting for you.

Procrastinating is a habit. 
Make a statement to the universe and break that habit now!

Email Me!

The thing that gives me complete joy is…


The main thing getting in my way of breaking through to the next level in my life is…


If you have a website, send that along with your contact info, and let’s get started. Send your email to: